Alex Duplessie aspires to be as much of a renaissance man as he can be. He thinks life is far more interesting when you can work and play in a variety of niches. Since the age of 14, he’s been building experience in a variety of areas. His first job was as a custodian, then he moved on to a staple, teenage job in fast food, from there he moved on to working in a grocery store and developing his sales and interpersonal skills. These jobs, at the time, seemed pointless aside from the weekly paycheck, but they helped him develop a strong work ethic which he’s now using to build the Millennial Investor brand and further other aspects of his career.

Alex has always enjoyed writing for pleasure, but after his high school principal and English teacher suggested he go to college for it, he realized that it would be integral to his career. While in school, he worked in an office environment and learned the ins and outs of white-collar work. He graduated from Florida State University in 2014 with a B.A. in Creative Writing, and he delved into business, theater, biology and chemistry as well throughout his academic career.

Post-graduation he has debated going back to school for a Master’s degree, but currently values experience more than overpriced education. That’s not to say he never will go back though. Most likely, it will be after the culmination of the astronomical student loan and tuition bubble we’re currently in.

Though he played around with Bitcoin as early as 2012, Alex didn’t realize the true potential of Bitcoin and the Blockchain until the great bubble of 2013.  Since then, not a day goes by that he doesn’t read about the latest developments and startups in the Blockchain space.

In 2014, Alex volunteered at Blockchain startup Storj Labs as a social media manager and public relations representative. He assisted the Storj team with publicizing their crowdsale as well as writing blog posts, newsletters, and interacting with the Storj community through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and the Storj forums.

Later in 2014, he began working for a Fortune 500 company and has become a fulfillment and omnichannel selling expert. Though not writing related, this position has allowed him to get a better feel for eCommerce and the future of shopping. He’s of the opinion that blockchain technology will play an integral role in the future of shopping and payments.

In his spare time when he’s not writing for Millennial Investor, Alex enjoys cycling, tennis, music, the latest films, and working on his novel. He’s also taking a class in Android development and hopes to release a Blockchain-related app sometime over the next few years.

You can view a PDF of his résumé here and see some examples of his work by clicking the links in the bio above.